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All UiB students and employees must have a user account.
[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=19e33cac8ca04f50b376ab6811c7b5e1 Information about user accounts and access is now available in UiBhjelp.]
The user account is registered in the [[Sebra]] system, along with your name, registered date, and so forth.
The user account will provide a username that one can use to access University of Bergen services,
like login to computers, email, print, storage and more.
Important information is given by the University email system, and everyone has to read this information.
Also the user account is needed to access file and print services, etc.
== Students ==
If you are a student:
you can set up your UiB account in [[SEBRA]], The UiB user administration system.
(Create account -> student)
Note: Remember to pay your semester fee before trying to log in!
== Employees ==
If you are employed at UiB, a researcher or staff guest member,
you must apply for a user account in UiB's user administration system SEBRA.
Your application for a user account must be approved by your institute / department.
You may want to check the list of persons who can approve user account applications at:
* https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/Register/anvisere?lang=english
All employees at UiB can make temporary guest accounts to anybody.
This account will provide access to:
* wireless network from personal laptop (valid up to three days)
* UiB computers in PC rooms for courses (up to one month)
* [[VPN]] access so one can connect to a UiB (PullPrint) printer or UiB home share folder.

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