Skype for Business to Vidyo

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Connect to a Vidyo-meeting using Skype for Business™ / Microsoft Lync™


Vidyo includes a feature to let other Microsoft Lync™ or Skype for Business™-users to connect to a ongoing meeting.

Follow these simple steps to get started.

Note: This guide requires an active Vidyo-meeting actually taking place. Screen shots are taken from Skype for Business 2016. The steps are somewhat similar when using Microsoft Lync 2010 and newer.

  1. Start up and login to Skype for Business.
  2. Enter in the search fileld.

01 vidyo at

  1. Right click on the Join Vidyo Conferences-contact, and select Start a Video Call.

02 start video call.PNG

  1. A video call is made. Enter the room extension from the invitation e-mail, and end with the #-key.

You can use your numpad keys, orby clicking on the telephone icon on the right hand side.

03 room ext.PNG