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(Informasjon om student-lisens.)
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University of Bergen has a total of 150 concurrent network licenses of Matlab on Unix and Windows machines (50 licenses in some additional tools - "Toolbox").
New info avalable in norwegian.
Access to Software is maintained by the IT department. The use of these licenses require contact with UiB network. On a computer at home this can be achieved by the use of [[VPN]].
NB! Matlab can be installed only on machines owned by UiB.
'''The license agreement does not allow installation on students private computers. Students have to buy a [http://www.mathworks.se/academia/student_version/ student version] of Matlab.'''
Contact [https://bs.uib.no/ bs.uib.no] or phone (555) 84700 if you are interested in using network licenses of Matlab.

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New info avalable in norwegian.