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'''This web page is under construction'''
'''This page have been moved to''' [https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=822f2470d35d43c49e1c7473d1b60400&from=401a9aaf-c7f0-4540-b098-6e546e04f4f6 hjelp.uib.no]
NOTE: The following solution is only for Lab-PC/equipment that do '''NOT''' contain/process sensitive data. About Sensitive data: [https://www.uib.no/personvern https://www.uib.no/personvern]
This solution is meant for Lab-PC that:
* Is connected to lab equipment/instrument
* The Lab-PC is running software that demands to be run as one specific user
* There is a need to monitor running experiments from outside the lab
* There is a need for supplier technicians to configure Lab-PC
Managed Windows 10 Lab-PC’s will be connected to regular UiB-network, and will be exposed to internet. The lab-administrator/research group is responsible for usage within current regulations.
For more information/questions contact [https://hjelp.uib.no hjelp.uib.no ]
* Windows 10 UiB-configuration, with automatic logon of common lab-user (common lab-user for the Lab-PC's that belong to the research group).
* If needed, users can themselves choose to pause windows updates for up to 35 days. [https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028233/windows-10-schedule-a-restart-or-pause-updates Read more here]
* The possibility for several users to be administrators on the Lab-PC with their own UiB-account. (These users must enter their personal UiB-credentials in order to install software on the Lab-PC)
* Self-service (via [https://portal.uib.no https://portal.uib.no]), where the lab-responsible themselves can choose who have administrator-rights on Lab-PC's, and who can use remote access.
* Remote-access to Lab-PC via [https://student-ts.uib.no Website].
* The possibility for external technicians to gain remote access to the Lab-PC via TeamViewer Quick Support.
* The option to order central storage for the research group, where the Lab-PC can store research data. [https://it.uib.no/Prisliste_IT_tjenester#Lagring Read more]
* As standard data is only stored locally on the Lab-PC.
* If needed, the common lab-user can be given access to a new or already existing common storage area at UiB. If this is needed, then the researchgroup must ensure that there is space enough on the storage area, and that it belongs to the correct unit.
* Another option is to physically logon the Lab-PC with a regular UiB-account, and then move data locally to a personal storage area.
==Not included as standard==
* Storage/backup for Lab-PC, unless it has been specifically agreed upon/ordered.
* Restoration of Lab-PC local data after a critical failure. The lab-responsible/research group is responsible for backing up data / in cooperation with the IT-department.
* Extended support of software/equipment that the research group have installed/configured themselves.

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