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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to connect to the UiB network even if you are not on campus. This allows you to access UiB's IT services (such as your home directory and public folders or printing via Pullprint) even if you are located somewhere other than the campus.

VPN also provides more secure data transmission both on UiB's physical data network and on the Internet.

VPN connection to UiB can be used from all computers and most mobile devices connected to the Internet.

Simple instructions for connecting to VPN

If you need more detailed instruction or these are not suitable for your computer, please see links to other guides below.

If you have a Windows 10 UiB PC, UiB VPN is already set up. Open the network connection "UiB VPN", select "Connect" and log in.

If you have a private PC or other computer, you must first connect to UiB VPN:

1. Open the network settings and select "Add VPN connection".

2. Enter the following information (exact field names may vary):

 "Connection name" / "Destination name": UiB VPN
 "Server name or address" / "Internet address": vpn.uib.no
 "VPN type": L2TP / IPsec with pre-shared key
 "Pre-shared key" (you may need to click "Advanced Settings" to see this field): Clipboard01mbb.png
 Type of login information: Username and password
   User name: Your username followed by @uib.no, ie. abc123@uib.no
   Password: Your usual UiB password

3. Click "Connect"

If you are using Mac OS/X: First download this file. (Click the link while pressing the Ctrl key. From the menu that appears, select: Save the linked content as.... After downloading the file, double-click the file and follow the instructions.) Then select the VPN icon

Vpn icon.jpg

and select "Connect to UiB VPN".

Detailed instructions for various systems

For Linux we recommend Open VPN (see below).

Open VPN is another option which may work on networks and computers where UiB VPN is not available. Open VPN is therefore recommended as a fallback solution:

Errors when connecting

Read more about Possible Error Codes When Using VPN.