The IT division's strategy 2015-2020

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Deliver good IT services and contribute to fulfilment of UiB's goals.

The University of Bergen has its goals defined in its strategy. "Good" means that the services should be fit for UiB's needs, be reliable, and relevant to help the university reach its goals. The IT division shall continuously develop the use of information technology to help UiB reach its goals.



The IT division shall make itself familiar with users' and customers' wishes and needs, and build mutual trust. We shall be outgoing and meet our customers and users with open dialogue and sensitivity. We shall have tolerance and understanding for each other as human beings and colleagues.

Creative ability

The IT division's actvities and deliverables shall be characterized by creativity and energy combined with a high level of professionality. We shall make active use of our abilities and resources to achieve our goals.


Everything we do and deliver shall be of high quality. Because right quality pays in the long run, we do not take shortcuts that compromise quality.


Digital dreams made true

The IT division's activities shall be driven by creativity, enthusiasm and visions. We shall make true the digital dreams that can move the university forwards.

Strategic goals

A leading provider of IT services

The IT division's performance shall make our custom-ers and users, in the university and college sector etc., prefer us and give us a good reputation.

An enterprising team player

The IT division shall take responsibility in an active cooperation with our customers, users and partners.

Tactical goals

  • Give priority to services that support the core activites.
  • Have the most satisfied users in the university and college sector.
  • Deliver IT services that are forward-looking, easy to understand and easy to use.
  • Deliver scalable services, contributing to cooperation across institutions.
  • Deliver at the appointed time , with appointed quality and use of resources.
  • Recruit, develop and keep employees with the right qualifications and characteristics.