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Dersom du har norsk maskinspråk kan du konsultere den norske veiledningen.

Setting up VPN-Connection for iOS manually

settings --> general --> VPN --> " add VPN configuration"

type: L2TP


Account: (your username here)

RSA SecurID: off

Password: *you don't need to fill in anything here*

Secret: mellombakkarogberg

Send all traffic: ON


Setting up VPN-connection for Mac OS X

1. Download the configuration profile (rightclick the link, choose: Save content as...)


2. Doubleclick the file and follow the instructions given

REMEMBER: When you are asked to authenticate use one of the following:

REMEMBER: When you are asked to authenticate to install the configuration, use an admin account.

Connecting to VPN

After downloading and configuring VPN in the steps above you can connect to VPN by clicking the black VPN icon in the upper right corner.

Vpn icon.jpg

NB! If the icon is missing, go to System preferences->Network and click the VPN entry. Make sure the VPN status in menu bar field is checked.

Vpnstatus eng.jpg

Click Connect to VPN to connect to VPN.

Vpn connect.jpg

Enter your UiB username followed by and your UiB password

Vpn login.jpg

To disconnect VPN, click the VPN icon again and choose Disconnect VPN

VPN disconnect.jpg