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Feedback is one of several ways to work from home with UiB's IT services.

Note that this service is available to employees and users of SAFE.

The service offers a Windows desktop with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

You may connect using Remote Desktop Connection / Tilkobling til eksternt skrivebord from your PC as well as from mobile devices.

A VPN connection is required to connnect to

All employees may log on to (No special access is required.) You log on woth your normal users name and password, please see the below instructions for details:

How to connect to

If you are expriencing problems or have questions about this, please contact BRITA.

Office 365

The present version of offers Office 365. If you are not familiar with Office 365, you may look here for som basic : [ Microsoft Office 2016 Quick start]

New server with new user interface is now a Windows Server 2016, which looks very much like Windows 10. Please remember to log oss when you are through, e.g. by double-clicking the "Sign Out" icon on the desktop.