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Igor 6 Pro in GNU/Linux using wine

The following setup is done using Fedora 12 and wine version 1.1.38

Running the setup

Use a clean wine folder. Either remove your old or create an new prefix

$ export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.igor6

Igor6 requires a html render, sometimes wine fails to install it on its own, so we will do it manually. To install Gecko we have to download winetrics.

$ wget http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks

Run winetrics

$ env WINEPREFIX=~/.igor6 sh winetricks gecko

Now we can start the Igor 6 Pro installation.

 $ wine setupIgor6.exe

The install should run smoothly with default settings, just click next and ok until the installer starts.

Starting and activate igor

You should have a wine folder in your start menu, under this you will find Igor Pro.

  • Activate the product with your activation key. (Current holder of the license is Leif J. Sæthre at the institute of Chemistry)
  • Skip the online registration.

Your installation of Igor 6 should now be complete, final steps is configuration of sound and some custom macros.


For some simulations in Igor 6 sound is necessary, run

  • Select the Audio tab
  • Set Hardware Acceleration to Emulation
  • Select ok


All macros should be placed in the "User Procedures" folder under Igor, and symlinked to the "Igor Procedures" folder. In our

Installation of SPANCF macros (SPectral ANalysis by Curve Fitting)

$ unzip User\ Procedures.zip

This will give the following files:

Archive:  User Procedures
   creating: User Procedures/
  inflating: User Procedures/About User Procedures.txt  
  inflating: User Procedures/amob.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/AutoAdd.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/Curve_Fitting.ifn  
  inflating: User Procedures/Errorlimits.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/fiterr.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/FitRes.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/Load2ndfit.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/LoadASCIIspec.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/Morse fitting.ifn  
  inflating: User Procedures/PCI shape.rtf  
  inflating: User Procedures/PrepFit.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/README.txt  
  inflating: User Procedures/Scienta.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/Specgen.ipf  
  inflating: User Procedures/UserCurve.ipf

Move all the files to the "User Procedures" folder under Igor 6

$ mv User\ Procedures/* ~/.igor6/drive_c/Program\ Files/WaveMetrics/Igor\ Pro\ Folder/User\ Procedures/

Now we have to make symlinks from all the files we moved into the "User Procedures" folder to the "Igor Procedures" folder

$ cd ~/.igor6/drive_c/Program\ Files/WaveMetrics/Igor\ Pro\ Folder/Igor\ Procedures
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/amob.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/AutoAdd.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Curve_Fitting.ifn .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Errorlimits.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/fiterr.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/FitRes.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Load2ndfit.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/LoadASCIIspec.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Morse\ fitting.ifn .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/PCI\ shape.rtf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/PrepFit.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Scienta.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/Specgen.ipf .
ln -s ../User\ Procedures/UserCurve.ipf .

When you start Igor you should have the following items in your menu. In the Macros tab:

* LoadSecondFit
* AddWaves
* CorrectStep
* LoadASCIISpec
* SpecGen
* ScientaLoad
* ScientaPrint
* OpenbyList
* LevMarq

In the Fitting tab:

* MakeNoisless
* FitErrors_MonteCarlo
* MakeDataWave
* Background
* InitPeakTable
* LoadFit
* LevMarq
* Simplex
* AutoRestart
* RestoreInitial
* SaveFit
* ResultTable
* Tags
* Spectra
* Setup
* Errorlimits