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Wikihost order

'Wikihost' is a MediaWiki service the IT department provides to the faculties, institutes, departments and research groups at UIB, and other institutions at the UHR sector.

What is Wiki?

Wiki is a publishing tool where many can participate and contribute with their knowledge and experiences.
  • With the Wiki you can produce text information with other people in a simple manner.

Wikepedia is a good example, and Wikihost-service uses the same technology: 'Mediawiki'

  • You decide whether the information should be available to all the world or only for your own ‘wiki’ group.
  • All changes will be preserved in revisions

that means you get a history of the changes, and you see the content of the wiki-article at any certain time in it's history of changes.

  • No information is lost, every change is preserved.
  • You can register a “watch” on the wiki-document and you will receive an email each time someone makes a change to the wiki page.
  • You can "protect" pages so that only administrators and bureacrats can change the information

Test a wiki now?

There is a test wiki that everyone can log in and test.

Go to:, log in, and start editing.

You can't do anything wrong, so please feel free to test.

Do you want a MediaWiki instance for your faculty, institutes, department or research group?

You will get:

  • Your own MediaWiki installation, installed by us, also called a wiki instance
  • Manage access controll to other users (if necessary, normally we will provide this)

it is also possible to create accounts for people from other institutions that need to have access

  • It is possible to activate Feide so that users from other institutions i UHR can log in and contribute
  • The IT department will provide backup of the data in the database
  • The IT department will make sure to upgrade when it’s time for new versions

The wiki will be available at:

Where XXXwiki is the name of the wiki.

Order a wiki

Please use the following ordering form:


Some have special requests for extensions beyond what is offered.

These wishes can be entered via (stamp the issue with: "extension, wikihost")

We want to offer most of the functionality, but we have to reserve the right to decide whether the extension is installed or not.

Available extensions

Wikihost extensions

List of installed Mediawiki extensions at the University of Bergen Wikihost service


We’re unable to provide support in how to make wiki-pages and how to work in the wiki.

It is recommended that one read through the documentation:

Read more about Mediawiki here:

Some of our MediaWiki instances

UiB wikis

Here is the current installed wiki instances at the University of Bergen Wikihost service.