Video conference room

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Location: Room SR:1230, ground floor, Stein Rokkans hus, Nygårdsgaten 5.

There is seating for six persons in the room.

To book, please register an issue in Issue-tracker or call BRITA - the IT Department service desk, phone (555) 84700.

When ordering, please state...
IP address for the participating parties; which part will initiate the conference; contact person and telephone number for all participating parties.

UiB employees have access to the room with their key card and code between 7 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday. For conferences outside of these hours, appointment must be made to borrow a special key card from the IT Department.

Video conference usage should normally rely on self service. If instruction prior to the conference, or assistance during the conference, is required, please remember to book this well in advance. The user's department must be prepared to cover any overtime costs incurred from assistance outside of office hours.

Technical information about the video conference room

The equipment in the room is a Tandberg Profile 6000 MXP codec. This can connect up to six participants, including our own room. The equipment supports the H323 protocol.

For internet (IP) video conferences, our IP address is