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Rooms available:

Book a room:

To book a video conference room, please visit this site: Please type in the name and telephone number for the UiB-user when booking a room. This can be done using the title field when booking.

Employees at UiB have access to the rooms using their access cards between 0700 and 2000 monday-friday. If you are a first time user we reccomend that you try your access card in good time ahead of the conference. If you for some reason don't have access to the room with your card, you should contact the Card Centre.

For video conferences outside the times mentioned above you need to borrow an access card from the IT-department. We anticipate that the rooms are utilized by self-service. If you need first time guidance, please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700 [[no:Videokonferanse]