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'''NB! You have to be connected to either Wi-Fi or a ethernet cable for the VPN to work.'''
[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=a566dafec92a4d35bba974f0733f3663 All information about VPN is now found in UiBhjelp.]
'''The VPN connection needs to be set up while you are on the UiB-network(using eduroam or uib-guest)'''.
Step 1: Right-click on the network icon, who is in the bottom right corner on the taskbar. It is either formed as a computer screen or a set of stairs. Click on the '''“Open Network and Sharing centre”'''.
Step 2: Click on the option '''“Set up a new connection or network”'''.
Step 3: Choose the '''“Connect to a workplace”''' and press '''“Next”'''.
Step 4: Click on '''“Use my internet connection(VPN)”'''.
Step 5: Type in “vpn-ansatt.uib.no” in the field “internet address” if you are an employee. Type in “vpn-student.uib.no” if you are a student.
You can give the connection an optional name in the field “destination name” e.g UIB-VPN. Press “Create” to create the VPN connection.
Step 6: You will see the connection displayed in the list of networks, click on the connection with the name you just gave the VPN connection and chose “'''Connect'''”
Step 7: Type in your user name followed by '''“@ansatt.uib.no”''' in the field “User name” '''(“@student.uib.no” if you are a student''') and enter your UIB-password in the field “Password” and press '''“Ok”'''.
Step 8: You should now be connected to UiB with VPN. If you wish to disconnect, just click on the network item to the right side of the toolbar and press “Disconnect”.
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