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[[no:Hvordan koble kort til SafeCom Pullprint konto]]
Do you get the error message “Unknown user” when you try to use a pullprinter with a proximity reader? Then you have to add your card to your SafeCom PullPrint account by following this procedure:
=== Step 1: ===
Verify printer connectivity and your account by logging on manually
* Touch the screen
* Touch “User name” and enter your username before pressing “OK”
* Touch “Password” and enter your password before pressing “OK”
* Leave “Domain” as UiB. <br>
If it is set to STUDENT you have to change to UiB even if you are a student. For more information about decommissioning of the student domain take a look at this article:
* Touch “Login”
* You should now be logged in to the printer.
* Touch “Logout”
=== Step 2: ===
Add your card to your SafeCom PullPrint Account like this:
* Place your card close to the top of the proximity reader
* The screen displays “Unknown user” for a short while.
* Touch “Cancel” in the next screen that asks for “Enter PUK code”
* Login in the same manner as you did in Step 1.
* After you login, place your card close to the proximity reader again and the printer will log you out.
Your card is now successfully added to your SafeCom PullPrint account. You can now login, and logout just by placing your card close to the proximity reader on any PullPrinter with a proximity reader.
Remember to always logout after you finish printing.
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