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[[no:Brukarkonto for studentar]]
[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=19e33cac8ca04f50b376ab6811c7b5e1 Information about user accounts is now found in UiBhjelp.]
== User account ==
As a student at the University of Bergen (UiB), you will need access to computer services to undertake your studies. To take advantage of these services, you need to create a user account in [https://sebra.uib.no SEBRA].
=== UiB User Account Features ===
* Personal pages - [https://miside.uib.no/register/?return%5furl=%2fdotlrn%2f%3flocale%3den%255fUS My Space] - which allows access to web based learning resourses and relevant class information.
*Personal browser based [[email]] account with lots of storage.
*Personal [[file storage and backup]].
*Access to [[computer labs]] with [[Printing services|print]] capabilities
*Connection to the internet and UiB's network from a private computer ([[ADSL]] or [[Networked on campus with private computer|wireless]])
*An account that may be used with MSN
*Access to the internet at other research and education institutions through [[Eduroam]]
== New student ==
When you are accepted at UiB and have registered, you need to create a user account. This is done by going to [https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/Register/student_register?type=student&lang=english sebra.uib.no], and following the instructions there. There you will also be able to change your password.
This should be done as soon as possible after registering. Note that it may take up to an hour after registering before you can create an account.
'''NB! New students accepted by samordna opptak can not register for their semester (and thus not create an account) before start of term.'''
You will need a Norwegian ID number, student number and pin code to create a user account. The student number and pin code can be found on the giro sheet for payment of the semester fee. Make sure you have these available.
'''Be advised! If the semester fee has not been payed by the first of September, the user account will automatically be closed.'''
[https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/Register/student_register?type=student&lang=english Activate your account in SEBRA now!]
[http://regler.app.uib.no/regler/Del-4-OEkonomi-eiendom-og-IKT/4.3-Informasjons-og-kommunikasjonsteknologi/Regler-om-oppretting-anvendelse-og-sletting-av-brukerkonti-for-studenter-paa-UiBs-IKT-anlegg UiB's rules for creating, using and deleting user accounts for students] is available in Norwegian only.
== Student account for faculty members ==
Faculty members who become students will not automatically be able to create a student account. By opening an issue in [https://hjelp.uib.no/ UiBhjelp], the SEBRA administrators will be able to create an account if the semester fee and semester registering is in order.
== See also ==
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