UiB changes mobile telephone operator to Telia

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The Universitety of Bergen, along with the rest of the Norwegian higher education sector, has entered into a contract with Telia om mobile telephone subscriptions. This means that all mobile phone subscroptions owned and paid by UiB will be transferred from Telenor to Telia.

At the time of transfer your present Telenor subscription will stop working. You will receive a reminder about this in an SMS from Telia. If the planned time for transfer is not suitable, you may postpone it. You will receive more information about how to do this.


What must I do as a mobile phone user?

You will receive a new SIM card from your department. You must change the SIM card in your phone at the time of transfer. The card should be installed in your present phone. The SIM card has an associated PIN code which is delivered with the card (printed on the same card hidden under a peelable coating).

Please remember to have your new SIM card availble onthe time of transfer. (Will be announced later, in a personal SMS to you.)

If you want to change the PIN code, you may do so in the Settings on your phone after canging the SIM card. See also https://telia.no/sim-pin-puk.

Changing SIM card does normally not cause changes in the phone or stored data. We would still recommend you to vack up data from your phone before changing. We would also recommend that you have user names and passwords for e.g. Google Play and Apple ID avainable in case you should be prompted for these.

What apps do I need?

You will keep all the apps in your phone. After the transfer you may uninstall apps related to services from the previous supplier ("Mitt Telenor" and "Mobilt Bedriftsnett").

To take full advantage of your new Telia subscription, we recommend that you install these apps:

MittTeliaLogo.png Mitt Telia

Gives an overview over your usage. Useful to keep track of e.g. mobile data use.

TeliaBedriftsnettLogo.png Telia Bedriftsnett

Telia mobile app including easy call transfer, availability settings, see whether colleagues are free or busy.

BankID on mobile

Your new SIM card supports BankID. BankID on mobile is associated with the number of the SIM card and must therefore be changed to the new card. Remember your code key on the traskferday. Read more on https://telia.no/kundeservice/bankid/kom-i-gang og https://www.bankid.no/en/private/get-started/

If you don't have a code key for BankID, you may order this now to have it handy for the transfer.

Assistance with the transfer

You will (in time...) find more information on Frequently asked questions about change to new mobile telephone operator Telia

Telia will be available on the transfer days if you should need assistance:

Dato: Hvor: Tid:
Tue. 12. February Foyer University Library Humanities / main building 09:00 – 13:00
Thu. 14. February Foyer Nygårdsgaten 5 09:00 – 13:00

Please note that all transfers originally scheduled for 15. Feb., 19. Feb. and 13. March have been postponed due to problems with some SIM cards. The affected users will be notified.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to help with outside servicessuch as BankID. You must activate the service with your bank for your new SIM card. This usually involves logging in with a code key and password.

You may also contact Telia on:

Phone: Telia B2B Customer Support, tlf. 05051

Chat and e-mail: https://telia.no/bedrift/kundeservice/kontakt

Or you may contact the IT Service Desk BRITA as usual.