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[[Category:Network share]]
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[[Category:Common areas]]
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Some units and departments have common areas or other shared network areas. For being able to connect to these network areas the computer has to be on the VPN or Eduroam or UiB wired network.

  • Press ctrl+l (L for location) and type the path to the network share. Ask a colleguag if you dont know the path.

NB! In Windows operating systems uses backslash (\) to seperate directories, but in Mac and Linux use frontslash (/). Type the path like this: smb://klient.uib.no/felles Nautilus-Fellesomraade.png

  • Log on with your username and password and Domain: UIB


Save bookmark

You can use the bookmark as a shortcut next time to want to connect to a network aera.

  • Press the Bookmark menu and Add Bookmarks