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Information about the sync-service is a synchronization service that is available for login from outside the UiB network. The services that are provided at are primarily file copy and synchronization of data from and to the home directory and common areas. sync is set up exclusively for use with file transfer tools. If you need console access, please use

From 17.01.2013 runs on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6

Available software

Currently, the following tools available for file transfer:

User guides

Copying files with scp / sftp in Windows

Use WinSCP or SSH Secure File Transfer or any other application that talks scp / sftp and contact on port 22 with the ssh / scp / sftp protocol.

Copying files with Unison on Windows / Mac / Linux

Unison is a two-way synchronization tool. It is easy to use, has a graphical user interfaces, are quick (Unison uses rsync algortimen which transmits only part of the file that has been modified) and has an effective and easy to understand conflict management. From 05.03.2013 the Unison software will be installed on all Linux clients, and it will also be available for Mac (through Managed Software Updates) and Windows.

More information about Unison

Copying files with rsync on Mac / Linux

Copying from sync to local linux

rsync -vr .

Dot means "current directory", it is also possible to specify path.

Copy from local linux to sync

rsync -vr directory/file