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UiB has shared licenses on a web-based tool for development, implementation and analysis of surveys. This tool is outside of UoB's servers, however the supplier has good safety routines. The tool is called SurveyXact and can be accessed at:

What can i use SurveyXact for?

SurveyXact is a tool designed by the international consultant firm Rambøll, originally used for their own surveys. The tool has a wide spectrum of potential uses. It has functionality within the entire process of survey development to data collection and analysis.


Ordinary personal information can be gathered through SurveyXact. It should not be used to gather sensitive personal information, such as race or ethnicity, genetic data, biometric data where the goal is to identify a physical person, labour union membership, health, sexual relations or attractions, information on sentences or offenses.

Potential uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Course evaluations
  • Opinion polls
  • User satisfaction surveys
  • Research
  • Sign ups


SuveryXact includes functionalities such as:

  • Administration of access levels for different forms
  • Simple "wysiwig" creation of forms, as well as the possibility of adapted design and different kinds of questions such as:
    • Open text fields
    • Single or multiple choice questions
    • Drop-down menu
    • Single matrix
    • Double matrix
  • Module for more flexibility and advanced needs, with a higher user threshold
  • Submissions of forms through e-mail, pop-up on websites or paper
  • Reminders, status, automatic closing, etc
  • Anonymous or open surveys
  • Simple or advanced analysis of results
  • Presentation of results graphically or in tables
  • Cross-linking between different questions of background information from the database
  • Questions dependent on other answers (jumps)
  • Export for further processing in Excel or SPSS.

Available for employees and students

The tool can be used free of charge by employees and students at UoB. License costs are paid by all faculties and administrative units.

Control of access was first created for a number of devices and users that wanted to use the tool. Access management was delegated according to the university's organizational structure. Later it has become possible to log in via FEIDE.


Existing users and devices that have used SurveyXact with original login can continue to use login with first and last name and their own password for SurveyXact => Press the button to log in.

New users can log in via FEIDE, with a username and password from UoB / SEBRA (possibly followed by

If you experience problems logging in, try this

Right-click on the following link:

Select from the menu:

Open Link in new private Windows (In Firefox) 


Open link in incognito windows (in Chrome) 

and log in as normal.

Access to surveys

If several users are to have access to the same surveys, the administrator of an "organization" (group) in SurveyXact must create access.


  • For users with FEIDE login, the e-mail address is the username inside the system.
  • For users with original login, first name and last name are still the username.

Surveyxact-brukere gammel-ny.png

How to get started?

"User manual" is available inside the tool via the link at the bottom.

Basic and advanced courses in the use of SurveyXact are held as needed by UoB's supplier, who is also the developer of the tool. Employees have access to technical user support from the supplier. Note that this does not include training in using the tool. Further advice can be given against payment by agreement.


Rambøll provides the service. Any operational issues or errors can be reported directly to them at:

Rambøll Management Consulting
Hoffsveien 4
0275 Oslo
Salg og brukerstøtte
+47 47 46 14 95
Alle hverdager: 8:00–16:00

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