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The Skjemaker service was upgraded Thursday, 19 November. This upgrade also included some changes in the functionality of the service. See below for details.

List of participants (deltakerliste):

Deltakerliste will be removed. It will still be possible to create your participant list using widgets in Skjemaker. You will find more information on how this is done here We would like to note that you cannot publish participant lists without explicit consent from the participants, so we recommend this option to be used only in very special cases.

Login via Feide:

We now return to the regular UiB LDAP login. This means you log in with your normal UiB username and password. If people without a UiB account needs access to a form they must either have a guest account or an external account in Sebra (


Previously, Skjemaker form owners could give access to other people to their forms. This will not be possible in the new version. The current access list will be continued. If you need to grant access to your forms, you will need to report this as an issue in TopDesk ( to the IT department.

UiB theme:

You can now both create new themes and choose from existing themes.