SPSS: Check out a license for a period of off-line work

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The license you have activated for SPSS will let you use the program as long as you are connected to a network with access to UiB's license server.

If you are working offline for a period, you will need to check out a so-called "Commuter License". This is done from the program "IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Commuter License".


Start the program and select what product you need a license for, as well as the period (number of days from now) you will require before you are back on line. The maximum period is 30 days.


If you have installed SPSS manually you may not be able to check out the commuter license for more than 7 days

When SPSS is installed automatically on a UiB client the max check-out period for a "Commuter License" is set to 30 days.

When you install the software yourself, the max check-out period is set to a default value of 7 days. You may modify this yourself:

Find the file "spssprod.inf" in the folder where the SPSS program files reside:


Edit this file with a text editor such as Notepad.

On the line starting with "CommuterMaxLife" change the value after "=" from 7 to a higher number (number of days available, max 30).


Then save the file.

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