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SPSS (originally Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a software package with graphical interface for doing statistical calculations. Some versions of the software are called PASW instead of SPSS. UiB has site license for all students and employees. The license covers SPSS base and several modules. NOTE: We only offer the latest available version of SPSS.

UiB computers

On Windows and Linux computers managed by the IT department you may have SPSS installed by contacting the IT department on phone (555) 84700 or create an issue on bs.uib.no. Remember to give the name of the computer.

Other computers (including private)

You may download the software and license codes for installation on other computer (also private) from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program.

How to enter the license code

At the end of the installation process the License Autorization Wizard pops up. You will also find the Wizard as a separate menu on the program menu of SPSS. Here you enter the authorization code you download and a license code will automatically be entered in the program. UiB has a site license, therefor you use the code for site license. If the computer has access to the internet when the authorization code is entered, you enter it under "Receive licence code from Internet" (NB! You have to be connected to the UiB network via vpn to activate the license).


IBM SPSS main page (international) (you may register from this page to get access to more information, fixes and upgrades)