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IBM SPSS Statistics (often referred to simply as "SPSS", originally an abbreviation for "Statistical Package for the Social Sciences") is a software package for statistical analysis. UiB has a has site license allowing all students and employees to use SPSS base and various modules for research and education. We only offer the latest available version of SPSS (now IBM SPSS Statistics 25).

UiB managed PCs

On Windows and Linux computers managed by the IT department you may install SPSS by using Software Center on Windows PCs and Ubuntu Software centre on Linux computers


Private PC (or other PCs not managed by UiB)

Download to private PC

You may download the software installation program from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program.

Installation on private PC

You must run the installation program with administrator rights on your PC.

How to enter the license code on a private PC

At the end of the installation process you will be offered to start SPSS Statistics License Autorization Wizard. You will also find the Wizard as a separate menu item on the start menu of IBM SPSS.


SPSS Statistics License Autorization Wizard will give two alternatives for product authorization: "Authorized user license" or "Concurrent user license". You must choose the latter, Concurrent user license.


You will be asked for "License Manager name or Servicer IP Address. Please fill in lic-spss25.uib.no.


Please note that your computer must be connected to the UiB network (directly or through Eduroam or VPN) to be able to activate the license.

You should receive a confirmation that your program is licensed.


Checking out a license for a period of offline work

The license you have activated will let you use the program as long as you are connected to a network with access to UiB's license server.

If you are working offline for a period, you will need to check out a so-called "Commuter License". This is done from the program "IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Commuter License".


Start the program and select what product you need a license for, as well as the period (number of days from now) you will require before you are back on line. The maximum period is 30 days.



IBM SPSS main page (international) (you may register from this page to get access to more information, fixes and upgrades)