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Printer error

  • Turn the printer off and on (always try this first, solves many problems)
  • Make sure the network cable is plugged into an outlet labeled (D). (T is a telephone outlet).
  • Unplug the network cable and plug it back in. Check if there are green/orange flickering lights at the back of the printer.
  • Try printing a test page. (Found in the printer display menu).
  • Check if toner and paper levels are OK.
  • Make sure A4 is the selected default paper size.

I can not log in to a Pullprint printer with my card, what's wrong?

Money on Pullprint account - error (for students)

Why did the printer charge the wrong amount?

Two-sided printing is the default. If you have a document with some blank lines at the bottom of the page, accidentally creating a second page, you will be charged two pages (2 x 0.25 NOK), even if there are only blank lines on page 2! Make sure you delete page breaks, blank lines etc at the bottom of the document. This prevents over-charging and gives you a tidier document.

If you still believe you have been incorrectly charged, contact the IT-department at Remember to provide exact information about the time of the print job and the amount.

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What arrangements apply to organizational work for students?

What arrangements apply to students who are part-time or have commitments at UiB? management prints

User guide does not work - Unable to find the right user guide

None of the tips on this page help / I need more help from the IT department