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File:Multifunksjonsmaskin-ikon COLOURBOX21109845.jpg At UiB, we use SafeCom Pullprint to:

  • print
  • copy
  • scan

Your UIB keycard identifies you as user. This makes the system secure and easy to use.

How to get access to Pullprint

  • When youhave a user account at UiB, you automatically have access to Pullprint
  • If you are a student, you must put money into your Pullprint account to be able to print or copy. See Money on the Pullprint account for more information.
  • Employees may print, copy, etc, without any preparation. Use will be invoiced to the user's department/division.
  • Guests who need to print may use a guest account. Use will be invoiced to the department of the user who opened the account. Scanning to e-mail will not be available, as guest accounts don't have e-mail addreses.


  1. On all UiB computer, Pullprint should be availble and configured as the default printer. Print to pullprint. Or you may use Mprint to print from anywhere using e-mail or web!
  2. Go to any printer or multifunction copier on UiB
  3. Pull your card and select "Pullprint" on the panel
  4. The document is printed


  1. Bring the material you will be copying to any multifunction copier on UiB
  2. Pull your card and select the copy function on the panel
  3. Copy as usual


  1. Bring the material you want to scan to any multifunction copier on UiB
  2. Pull your card and select "E-mail" on the panel
  3. Feed the document and press the button
  4. The document is scanned and sent to your e-mail address

If you would like to send the document to another or asdditional recipient(s), enter the address(es) in the "To" field.

To perform character recognition (OCR), send the document to "ocr@uib.no". The completed editable document will be sent to your e-mail.

Please note:

  • Default setting is black/white, double sided printing. Colour or other options are selected in the print settings or on the panel for copying.
  • If you need color prints or special features (staple, booklet, etc.), you must print the document on a machine equipped for this.
  • If the printer you normally use is busy or out of order, just go to another printer. All UiB Pullprint machines on UiB may be used!
  • If you are printing from a computer that is not connected to the UiB printing system, a tablet, cell phone, etc., you may use Mprint. Send the document you would like to print as an attachment to mprint@uib.no. See more information on Mprint.
  • The IT division manages the purchase, placement and operation of printers (including multifunction copiers). We place printers according to demand and usage.
  • Order and refilling of paper and staples is normally done by the individual department/division. Please talk to the administration at your department if you have questions about this.
  • Employees mey also print from skrivebord.uib.no.
  • Students may print from PCs in PC labs.

More information

_* Mprint - print from anywhere to UiB