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<includeonly>===[[Printing services]]===</includeonly>
<includeonly>===[[Printing services]]===</includeonly>
*[[Pullprint#How to use PayPrint at UiB|Transfer money to the Pullprint system]]
*[[Pullprint#How to use PayPrint at UiB|Transfering money to the Pullprint system]]
*[[Print FAQ]]
*[[Print FAQ]]
*[[Optical Character Recognition|Optical Character recognition (OCR)]]
*[[Optical Character Recognition|Optical Character recognition (OCR)]]

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Print solutions

UiB offers the following solutions for print, copy and scan. We have a multitude of ordinary print queues on different servers in addition to pullprint. Copying and scanning is primarily passed through the pullprint-system (which in reality is called Safecom), and we strongly recommend that newly acquired printers and multifunction printers are compatible with Safecom. More on procurement and guidance: Category:Procurement


  • Employees: may use most print queues on the print servers (print.uib.no and kvasiprint.uib.no) together with pullprint. You are considered an employee if you use the UIB domain when logging on to a PC.
  • Students: may only use pullprint. You are considered a student if you use the STUDENT domain when logging on to a PC.
  • Course accounts (kurskonto): these accounts are named umXXXX and can be created by all UiB employees at https://sebra.uib.no. These accounts may use pullprint without the possibility to scan (no e-mail address is available). Usage will be registered with the "stedkode" of the person creating the course account.


The IT-department has operational responsibility for central printing services, and also for correcting errors on network printers with a service agreement approved by said department. Contact with supplier/external service partner is primarily made by the IT-department when the printer has an approved service agreement.

These articles provide more information on responsibility and service agreements: