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IT department is in the process of rolling out a new type of "personal archive" to our Exchange/Outlook users. This applies UoB employees that use Microsoft Outlook on machines configured by the IT department.

E-mail and calendar entries older than 2 years will be automatically archived. This reduces the chance for the Inbox to reach its maximum size. The archive is available only when the machine is on-line. Smart phones set up with UoB Exchange/Outlook e-mail, for example, will not have archived e- mail available at all. If you use kalender.uib.no then the archive is available.

The picture below shows where you can finds this archive (Online Archive –Firstname.Surname@uib.no)

You will be notified well in advance before this is implemented for your Exchange/Outlook account at UoB.

This solution is introduced to avoid manual labor by archiving e-mail for our users.