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Some employees at UiB use Outlook as email client. This requires a user account on an Exchange server at the IT department. Outlook is not available for students.

Outlook includes the following integrated main functions:

  • email
  • calendar (including e.g. meeting invitations)
  • contacts
  • tasks

On Linux and Mac, Evolution and Entourage can be used to access an Exchange account with similar functionality.

Outlook problems?

The Outlook account settings should be done automatically on UiB computers run by the IT department. If you should have access to Outlook, but it is not working, you may try to shut down the program and run the Outlook fix which should be available under Support on the Start menu. Be aware that if you have made your own settings inside the program, these may have to be redone afterwards.

Full innbox? See Full inbox Outlook

If you are uncertain about how to use Outlook, you may find help on this page or another page about Outlook. The help inside Outlook also has much useful information. Microsoft's web pages or searching the Internet may often also be useful.

If you need training, you may attend a course.

If you have problems you cannot solve yourself, please contact BRITA.

Outlook off campus

When the UiB Outlook is not available (at home or when travelling), you must use the Outlook Web Access or Webmail (log on to Exchange) to read and send email.

Laptop users not on campus may run Outlook via an encrypted VPN connection when away from campus.

Automatic absence reply and forwarding for Outlook users must be done in Outlook or Outlook Web Access. The web page for this service which is available for other email users at UiB may not be used by users on the Outlook and Exchange platform.

Outlook or Thunderbird?

UiB email will not be available in both Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird as the email needs to be sent to either an Exchange or an IMAP server. Outlook is not standard for all employees at UiB, so it is not set as default mail client for new users. Some departments do, however, have Outlook as standard. Employees at UiB or Uni Research may apply for an Exchange account and access to Outlook in our Issue-tracker. If you are not sure whether your UiB email is on the Exchange server, you can check where your email is.

From Thunderbird to Outlook

When changing to Outlook for email and calendar, note the following:

  • Your existing email will not be automatically transferred to your Outlook email on the Exchange server.

Your old email may be read using e.g. [Webmail], Pine or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Your Thunderbird email may be sent to your Outlook email by choosing all emails (Ctrl + A) in your Thunderbird mailbox, right-click and choose "Forward as attachment..." Having received the message in Outlook, you may open it, choose the attached messages and drag them to the desired Outlook folder.