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[[Category:Software with procurement contract]]
[[Category:Software with procurement contract]]
[[Category:Site licence software]]

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University of Bergen (UoB) has sitelicense for this software, which means that students and staff at UiB can use NVivo to UiB related work (not for commercial use)

Read more about the software here

Read more about how to get started with the software here

UiB PC (client drifted)

If you need NVivo on a client drifted Windows PC, you can open an issue via https://bs.uib.no/ or give us a call (555 84 700). We need the name of the computer to know wich computer the software should be installed on.

Private or self-drifted PC

The software can be downloaded from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program for computers that are not managed by the IT department.

We only have NVivo available for Windows PCs.