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The Mprint service allows you to send print jobs to printers at UiB from all sorts of devices.

NOTE: The documents cannot exceed 50GB. In these cases, you may need to print from a UiB PC via the PullPrint queue


Print jobs may be sent in two ways: Through the web page ( for printing in colour) or as email to (to for printing in colour).

The print jobs you have sent may be printed on any Ricoh printer with Pullprint on UiB, where you swipe your card and print as usual in the Pullprint system.

The print jobs will be printed double-sided.

These file/document types can be printed:

  • Microsoft Office documents (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX)
  • Open Office documents (ODT, ODS and ODP)
  • PDF
  • Plain text (TXT)
  • Rich text format (RTF)
  • Image files in the formats JPG, GIF*, PNG, BMP and TIFF

(* Please be aware that animated GIF files will be printed as multiple images.)

If you are experiencing problems when printing certain documents, it may be useful to convert them to PDF format and then proceed with printing.

How to send files you want printed with e-mail

(The steps are illustrated below on an Android mobile phone, but the principles are the same regardless of device type and e-mail-program.)

Send the file you want printed as an e-mail attachment to (to for printing in colour). Only attachments (except picture attachments smaller than 5 Kb) will be printed. The message body will not be printed.

(1) Pick the file you want printed (in this case a picture). (2) Attach it to an e-mail message to (to for printing in colour). (3) Print at a Pullprint printer.
Mprint-en-mail-1.png Mprint-en-mail-2.png Mprint-en-mail-3.png

We transfer e-mail-addresses from UiB's user administration system SEBRA at regular intervals. If the mprint system does not recognize the e-mail-address you are sending from, you will have to register. Please see further information about first time registration.

How to send files for printing at and

  1. Go to ([1] to print in colour). Log in using your UiB user name and password.

  2. Clock "Browse" to select the file to be printed. When you have selected the file, click "Next".

  3. The file appears on the list under "My Print Jobs" at the bottom. Initially the status is "Awaiting processing", then "Printing" and finally "Printed". (If any other status appears, something probably went wrong with the processing or transfer to SafeCom Pullprint.)

  4. When the file has status "Printed" it really is not printed, but passed on to the SafeCom Pullprint system for printing. You may now print and pick up your print job in the usual way on any printer with SafeCom Pullprint at the UiB campus. Please see [2] for more information.

How to print a web page using and

  1. Go to ( to print in colour). Log in using your UiB user name and password.

  2. Click the "Web Print" tab.

  3. Type or paste the address (URL) of the web page you want to print in the field below "Web Address to Print".

  4. Click "Next". The web address appears on the list of your print jobs. From this point on it is processed as when you send a file (cf. above from point 3).

Frequently asked questions

How do I select colour or black and white printing?

As described above, use the e-mail address or the web page to print in black and white, and the e-mail address or the web page to print in colour.

You may also e-mail to with the word "color", "colour" or "farge" in the beginning of the subject field to print in colour.

Can I print single-sided?

Not using the Mprint service. You will have to print using UiB's Pullprint service and choose single-sided printing.

Can I change printer settings (stapling, paper selection, advanced layout, etc.)?

Not using the Mprint service. You will have to print using UiB's Pullprint service and change printer settings in the print dialogue.

Can both students and employees use mprint?

Yes, everyone with a UiB user account may use mprint.

Can I print from a course account?

Yes, you can. However it will take some time (from a few to 24 hours) from a course account is opened until it is registered in the SafeCom system. Then it may print using mprint.

How much does it cost?

Students pay for their printing according to the normal Pullprint prices. Employees' prints are charged to their department according to the regular tariff when the printing is performed on a student printer or FUTURA printer. There is no extra charge for using the mprint service!

How do I print the message text (body) of an e-mail?

To avoid paper spill and extra costs, the mprint system does not print the e-mail-message itself, only attachments (except image attachments smaller than 5 KB).

To print an e-mail message using the mprint service, you will have to save it as a file (eg in plain text or Rich Text Format) and print this file. If it is a short message, you may even take a screen shot and print the screen shot image.