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UoB has signed a new agreement (effective from 01.01.2014) which means that students and staff (at UiB) can now use the software at UiB computers and private computers (including tool boxes). The agreement is of the type "Total Academic Headcount License" (TAH). The software can only be used in UiB related work (not for commercial use).

If you have a Windows computer set up by the IT department and want Matlab installed, please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700. If you have Macintosh- or Ubuntu computer set up by the IT department you can get the software installed via "Manage Software Update" (Mac) or "Software Center" (Ubuntu).

If students or staff wants to install the software on a private computer they must do the following:

  • Create a matwork account ( NB! This account must be registered with the University of Bergen e-mail.
  • Adding "TAH Campus license" to your account.
  • Install the software.
  • Activating the software.

Activation code can be downloaded from (Matlab_ansatt for employees and Matlab_student for students). Here you will also find instructions for how to download, install and activate the software.