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Important Information! UiB is in the process of phasing out the Windows XP operating system at UiB. More info can be found here

All UiB employees and students get an e-mail account with their UiB user account. The e-mail address is normally for emplyees and for students.

UiB currently has two e-mail systems:

  • All students and most employees use Outlook/Exchange for their e-mail.
  • In time all employees will also have e-mail on Outlook/Exchange. But for the time being some employees use Exim/Unix mail.

Employees who not yet use Outlook/Exchange email/calendar, may get it now by sending a request in UiBhjelp.

You may access your e-mail and calendar in a web browser at

On UiB managed computers, your e-mail program will be configured and ready to use. 

E-mail can be read in several ways: