Mac OS X: Managed Software Center

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On our Mac clients the Managed Software Center, formerly known as Managed Software Update, is an important solution to smoothly manage applications. Using this service it's possible to install applications that the IT department packaged and to receive updates on installed software. The program automatically notifies users when updates are available. Installation of applications and updates through the Managed Software Center don't require administrative privilege.

Using Managed Software Center

You can get the Managed Software Center by searching in Spotlight ( ⌘ + Space) or from the Launchpad

As shown in the figure below, on the toolbar of the Managed Software Center window, there are 2 arrow keys, 4 different icons and a search box.

MSC ToolBar.png

  Search Box:
You can use the search box, which is located at the far right, to enter the name of a program you want to find.
  'Arrow Keys' :
You can use the arrow keys, located on the far left, to navigate through the four options displayed in the middle of the tool bar.
  'Software' :
Here you will find all applications IT department has packaged, and can be installed without the need to buy own license.

MSC SoftwarePage.png

Click on the icon of an application to read about the program and click on the "INSTALL" button to install it.

  'Categories' :
Here is the same list of programs you find on the “Software” page but sorted by category.

MSC CategoriesPage.png

  'My Items' :
Here is the list of programs already installed or in the process of installation after you have chosen using the 
Managed Software Centre. You can click on "REMOVE", if you don't need any program in the list.

MSC MyItemsPage.png

Applications in the process of download are marked as “DOWNLOADING" and you can interrupt the process by clicking on "CANCEL INSTALL".

  'Updates' :
This page shows the list of pending updates. It includes updates to already installed software, new software to be installed and 
software to be removed. You can click on the "UPDATE ALL" button to perform all updates at ones.


If the list is empty, click on the "CHECK AGAIN" button to look for updates.

MSC EmptyUpdatesPage.png