Mac OS X: Managed Software Center

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Managed Software Update will be an important service on all Mac clients. This service will help you install important updates and (optional) software packaged by the IT department. You will be notified when updates are available. Installation of programs by means of Managed Software Update does not require administrator privileges.

Using Managed Software Update

1. Press Launchpad in the dock.


2. Navigate to and choose Managed Software Update. (Hint: Use two fingers to manoeuvre within Launchpad!), or search for Managed Software Update using Spotlight.


3. When starting up, this program will search for available updates automatically.


4. Updates will be listed when the search is completed.


5. Choose «Optional software» to see the list of available software. Mark the programs you want installed and press «Add or Remove».


6. Programs due for installation or update will be listed. You can choose to start the installation/update at this point or have it done later. Managed Software Update will notify you if it is necessary to log out or restart the computer.


7. The installation/update progress will be illustrated.