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== User accounts for visitors ==
== User accounts for visitors ==
Two kinds of temporary user accounts are available for visitors. An employee at UiB or Uni Research must apply for or create the user account. This person is also responsible for the use of it, and must keep record of created user accounts.
UiB offers two kinds of temporary [[User account#Visitors|user accounts for visitors]].
* Internet access from non-UiB laptop: "Nettkonto" (net account)
:* 1, 3 or 7 days
:* User name, password and a short introduction for use is given on a web page after the acount is created
:* [https://tjinfo.uib.no/nettkonto Create...]
* Logon to UiB computers, print ([[Pullprint]]) and storage on server: "Kurskonto" (course account)
:* 1 - 30 days
:* to be created in [https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/?lang=english SEBRA]
* The user account and all data (if any) the user has stored on server is deleted at expiration date.
* Scan to email is not available since user accounts for visitors has no corresponding email address.
* Print on student printers will be billed to the department of the creator of the user account, the same way as for employees and others.
[[Category:Services from the IT department]]
[[Category:Services from the IT department]]

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External researchers and students may need access to IT services. Here is an introduction to available IT services and support.

Teaching rooms and auditoria

Guest lecturers needing help in teaching rooms or auditoria may contact the pc helpers located at each faculty.


UiB participates in the Eduroam cooperation which gives staff or students from member institutions access to wireless network.

User accounts for visitors

UiB offers two kinds of temporary user accounts for visitors.