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* Need Eduroam access fast: please call the [[Support for employees|IT service desk]] or [https://hjelp.uib.no register an issue].
* Need Eduroam access fast: please call the [[Support for employees|IT service desk]] or [https://hjelp.uib.no register an issue].
==Guest accounts==
UiB offers two types of accounts for guests, with different applications:
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! ''Account type:'' !! ''Used for:'' !! ''Services included:''
| '''[[#Net account|Net account]]''' || Personal laptop || Wireless network on campus
| valign="top" | '''[[#Course account|Course account]]''' || PC's managed by the UiB IT Dept.
+ personal laptop
|| Print, temporary server storage
+ wireless network on campus
'''NB: Both types of account need to be opened by a UiB employee, who will be reponsible for its use. He/she must know by whom the account will be used.
==Course account==
'''Guests who need to log in to UiB computers, will need a course account. Such users may be course or conference participants, or guest lecturers.'''
* All UiB employees may open a course account via [https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/?lang=english SEBRA]. (Select "Login to my account" -> "Staff", log in, then select "Request for access" -> "Temporary account".)
* A course account provides the following services:
: Log on : to all PCs managed by the IT department
: Temporary storage : on separate storage area on server (without backup)
: Print : using [[PullPrint]] (not including the scan-to-email service) NB! Pullprint is unavailable on the day the course account is created.
: Wireless network : on campus
'''Please note'''
* Course accounts with temporary storage areas are automatically deleted by the expiry date and no backup is made of any data stored.
* The employee opening the account will have shared access to the data stored in the course account.
* Scanning to email is not available in the PullPrint service, as no email address is affiliated with the course account.
* All printing on will be charged to the department of the employee making the course account (as for employee and other accounts).
* You must log on to the "student" domain (not "UiB") when you use the course account to log in to a UiB PC:

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UiB receives visiting researchers, students, lectureres, conference guest and other partners from public and commercial institutions. These guests frequently need access to IT services at UiB.


Guests visiting from other institutions in the [Eduroam] collaboration may access Internet via Eduroam. You use your regular employee or student account from your home institution.

Eduroam may also be used by UiB-users visiting other institutions in the Eduroam collaboration.

Eduroam will be made available in all locations covered by UiB's wireless network.


Guest lecturers may connect their personal PC to projectors and other equipment in teaching rooms and auditoria, or log on to a stationary UiB PC using a course account (see above).

For more information, please see Information for lecturers.