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[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=ada8e95b65cb4863b7fa23645631ab4a Information about EndNote is now available in UiBhjelp.]
'''Endnote''' is [[:Category:Reference management software|reference management software]] with a license agreement covering all UiB students and employees. The University Library manages a site license agreement which covers the right to use Endnote on private computers as well as on campus.
== Endnote Web ==
Endnote Web kjøres via nettet og behøver altså ikke installasjon og oppdateringer på egen PC. Men tilgang til internett er en nødvendighet for å bruke det. Dette er arvtakeren etter WriteNote.
Endntoe Web is an online reference management tool which is run without the need for installation of a certain program. You do, however, need access to the Internet through a web browser. Earlier versions were called WriteNote.
See also [http://www.ub.uib.no/ref-prog/EndNoteWeb/ the University Library page (in Norwegian) about Endnote Web] or go to [http://myendnoteweb.com/ myendnoteweb.com] to logon or create an account.
== Endnote on Windows ==
=== Installation ===
==== UiB computer ====
On Windows computers run by the IT department, Endnote must be installed by the IT department, and should ''not'' be installed manually. Contact BRITA on phone (555) 84700 or [https://bs.uib.no register an issue in Issue-tracker]. Remember to supply your computer name.
==== Private computer====
Endnote is downloadable from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program with UiB user name and password.
Installation CD may be borrowed from the IT department. Please call (+47 555) 84700 or [https://bs.uib.no register an issue in Issue-tracker]
*[https://it.uib.no/ithjelp/images/8/85/EndnoteX3win.pdf Installation guide (pdf) in Norwegian for Endnote X3 for Windows on a private computer].
:''Note:'' This is made to help UiB users install the software on a private pc, and should ''not'' be used for installation on computers run by the IT department.
=== Add connections, filters and styles in Endnote ===
Download these files from  https://tjinfo.uib.no/program :
* Endnote_connections_filters_styles_UB.exe (connections, filters and styles from the University Library)
* Endnote_connections_filters_styles.exe (collection of other connections, filters and styles)
These are zip files which will be packed out when double-clicked. Afterwards the contents should be copied from the unzipped folders into the corresponding folders where Endnote is installed. This will typically be:
''C:\Program Files\EndNote X3''
== EndNote for Mac OS X ==
[http://www.endnote.com/ENMac.asp System requirements for Endnote on Mac] tells you what you need in terms of:
*operating system - which OS X versions are supported
*word processor - which office software and versions support the available functions in Endote
Download a suitable version of Endnote from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program and start the installation.
CD for installation may also be borrowed from the IT department. Please call (+47 555) 84700 or register an issue in [https://bs.uib.no Issue-tracker]
== User guides ==
*[http://www.uib.no/ub/kurs-og-veiledning/endnote-refman Guides for the last versions (in Norwegian, from The University Library)]
*[http://www.endnote.com/support/ensupport.asp Endnote help pages]
*[http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts/?category.id=endnote EndNote user forum] is searchable and has user guides, discussions, etc.
== Library resources ==
*[http://www.uib.no/ub/en The University Library]
*[http://bibliotekportalen.uib.no/velkommen-e.htm The Library Portal (Bibliotekportalen)]
*[http://apps.isiknowledge.com Database with scientific publications with advanced library search]
== Additional information ==
[https://www.endnote.com EndNote homepage]
[http://www.uib.no/ub/kurs-og-veiledning/endnote-refman/endnote About Endnote from the University Library (in Norwegian)]
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