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== Problems? ==
== Problems? ==
Problems with the email services are to be reported to https://bs.uib.no
Problems with the email services? Please contact us through [https://hjelp.uib.no/ UiBhjelp], or on phone 55584700.
[[Category:Web services at UiB]]
[[Category:Web services at UiB]]

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All students and employees at UiB have access to their email from a web browser.

Log on


- for all students and employees without an Exchange/Outlook account.


- for employees with and Exchange/Outlook account.

Which email system should I use? - Check here..

About Webmail.uib.no

Webmail.uib.no provides access to email, calendar and contacs for all students and emplyees at UiB.

The calendar and contacts in Webmail are not connected to My Space or Outlook.

You need to make sure you log on using the correct server:

  • RASMUS - for students
  • ALF - for employees without an Outlook account
  • KALENDER - for employees with and Outlook account

More about using webmail can be in the internal Help in Webmail.

About Kalender.uib.no

Kalender.uib.no (Outlook Web Access) may be used by all employees with an Exchange/Outlook account at UiB.

Email, calendar, tasks and contacts are the same in Outlook, Evolution or Entourage.

Outlook Web Access works best in Internet Explorer.

-> More about Outlook


Problems with the email services? Please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700.