Eduroam configuration for Windows 10

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How to setup eduroam on windows 10

1. Left click the wireless network symbol (see picture below) in the bottom right hand corner of your screen

Eduroam1 1.JPG

2. Left click eduroam in the list over available networks

Eduroam2 1.JPG

3. Make sure the "connect automatically" box is checked, then click the "connect" button

Eduroam2 1.JPG

4. The text, as shown in the picture below, appears. Click on the "connect" button

Eduroam3 1.JPG

5. Fill in your login credentials as shown in the picture below and press "OK".

Important: Both students and UiB employees use the same username syntax

Eduroam4 1.JPG

6. Same "continue connecting" text as mentioned in step 4 appears. Press the "connect" button

Eduroam3 1.JPG

7. Windows verifies network and user credentials against Eduroam (No action from the user is required here)

Eduroam6 1.JPG

8. You should now be connected to Eduroam

Eduroam7 1.JPG

Troubleshooting eduroam in Windows 10

Removing Eduroam connection

If you are not able to connect to Eduroam using the guide above, try removing the Eduroam instance before retrying connecting to Eduroam:

1. Left click the wireless network symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

2. Left click "Network & Internet Settings"

3. Left click "Wi-Fi" from menu on the left hand side of the window

4. Left click "Manage known networks"

5. Left click the eduroam network and click the "Forget" button

6. You can now use the main guide above for connecting to Eduroam.