Decommissioning of the student domain

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The IT division must change the login method students use for UiB services. This change consists in decomissioning of the "student" domain and moving the students' usera ccounts to our main domain "UiB".

The demand for incorporating new IT services to our infrastructure necessitates this change.

What does this mean for me?

When the change is complete, students must log on with «» where they previously used «».

This applies especially to:

Systems to which you log in with only user name and password ("Mitt UiB", webmail, etc.) will not be effected by the change.

Where you previously have logged in with student\username, you will have to use uib\username.

Change for Office 365/OneDrive

If you had saved files in Office 365/OneDrive before the change, these will be moved to your new account on Office 365 This implies that:

  • If you hade much data stored in Office 365/OneDrive it may take some time before all the data is transferred and your account again is available. The students with most data will be contaced in advance.
  • If you had shared files (granted other users access to your files) in Office 365/OneDrive, these grants will disappear after the move and you will have to share the files again.

Service disruptions during the cange

Office 365 will be unavailable Saturday, Dec. 16. and parts of Sunday, Dec 17. If you have files stored in Office 365/OneDrive you need to use during this period, please move them to other locations where you are able to reach them, by Friday December 15.

Questions and answers

How do I log on to Eduroam after the change?

From the 16th of December, all users at UiB will have to log on with

How do I log on to Office 365 after the change?

Please log on to Office 365 using and your usual password

Employees can also log on to Office365 using their e-mail address as user name.

Note that Onedrive and OneNote are most likely to be reconnected. Check the links below for more info (norwegian):

How do I log on to VPN after the change?

From the 16th of December, all users at UiB will have to log on with

How do I log on to after the change?

There is no change to the log on for - you log on using your user name and password as before.

Will there be any change for software I have installed on my own PC/Mac from UiB's Office 365?

Programs you have downloaded from UiB's Office 365 and installed to your own PC will continue working after the change. But after some time they will ask you to log into activate your license. You the log on to Office 365 in the new way (with

Is there any change for Webmail?

No. Log in as usual.

I need more help

Please contact one of the IT assistants. Please note that not all the IT assistant locations are operating the last week before Christmas.

You may also contact the Service Desk BRITA, chat with us on (open 9 am-3 pm all workdays)