Connecting to your Unix home directory in Ubuntu Linux

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link Here you will find what is your home

You can connect this home area as a Windows (samba) share or as a sftp share.

Connecting via SFTP

  • Open nautilus
  • Press Ctrl + L (L for Location)


  • Type your username and password, choose to remember the password if you wish.


  • If you are prompted to confirm the identity of the server select "Log In Anyway"


  • In the left column under Network you've got the connection. Press the Home (circled) and then to your home directory.


  • To keep the connection to the home area you can bookmark. This is done by pressing the "Add bookmark" from the Bookmarks menu.


  • The bookmark may be given a more descriptive name. This can be done by right-clicking on the bookmark and select "Rename"

Sftp-mot-sync-nautilus-bookmark-rename.png Sftp-mot-sync-bookmark-rename-png.png

  • It will look like this when you hover the mouse pointer over the bookmark you created. And you go straight to the home directory when you select this bookmark.