Connecting to from Linux

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Connecting to from Linux

Employees, and students with access to SAFE, can connect to

Command line tool

You can, for instance, use xfreerdp to connect to from Linux.

Installing xfreerdp

Use Terminal and the following command:

  sudo apt-get install xfreerdp-x11

Using xfreerdp

Start xfreerdp by opening Terminal and running this command:

  xfreerdp /u:[your username here] /

NB! Unfortunately rdesktop can no longer be used when conencting to

Connection tool with GUI

There are also options available for those who prefer a GUI. For example Remmina.

Installing Remmina

Use Terminal and the following command:

  sudo apt-get install remmina

You can also use Ubuntu Software Center. Please make sure you do not choose the Snap package.

Using Remmina

Creating a connection

Please use these steps to create a connection to in Remmina:

  1. Start the program. You can press Show Applications and search for Remmina.
  2. Click plus (+) to add a new connection.
  3. Enter the necessary information:

  4. Approve the certificate, if asked:
    Accept Certificate.png

  5. Press Save.

Connecting to skrivebord

Connect to by double-clicking the connection you created.
Connect to skrivebord.png