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UiB PCs (client drifted) with "ArcGIS Desktop 10.1" installed, must be at UiB's network so that ArcGis should be able to reach the license server. If you are not at UiB network, you will not be able to run the program. When you are not connected UiB network with a network cable, you can connect to UiB network using a VPN connection (eg. While you are at home or abroad)

If you periodically need to use ArcGis without access to UiB network, you can borrow licenses for the use of up to 30 days without access to the network.

This is done as follows:

(You must be at UIB network when performing this procedure!)

1. Start - ArcGis Administrator


2. Chose "Borrow/Return"

3. Check for the licenses you want to borrow

4. Click "Apply"


After this, ArcGIS will work for 30 days without access to UiB network