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[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=72c41881a2b744d1b424f2f2b05297e0 All information about ArcGis can now be found in UiBhjelp.]
== Manufacturer ==
[http://www.esri.com/ ESRI]
[http://www.geodata.no/ Geodata AS]
==  ArcGIS software at UiB  ==
UiB has signed a deal that allows employees and students at UiB to use ArcGIS for teaching and assignments. A description of the softwares and services that are included in this licence are listed below.
=== ArcGIS Desktop ===
This software is used in in all GIS/cartography courses on UiB.
=== ArcGIS Pro ===
ESRI's next-gen 64-bit desktop product. Provides both 2D and 3D mapping, and a new user interface. Works with ArcGIS Online, to help you share your maps online, cloud-based, or mobile apps.
=== ArcGIS Online ===
A cloud-based mapping platform that allows you to make your maps online. The maps are easy to share, either with your co-workers, viewers or to develop them further into apps. In ArcGIS Online you can also make StoryMaps, that are helpful for presenting your bachelor, master or PhD thesis.
=== MyEsri and online courses ===
By creating a MyEsri account you get access to [https://www.esri.com/training/ ESRI Training], a platform with courses to help you get started with GIS, do surface and location analysis, and scripting, amongst other things.
With ESRI's MOOC (massive open online courses) you can take courses that will help you learn ArcGIS Online, like [http://www.esri.com/mooc/going-places Going Places with Spatial Analysis] and [http://www.esri.com/mooc/diy-geo-apps Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps].
=== GeodataOnline ===
With GeodataOnline you get access to maps and services based on data from Norway. On [http://geodata.no/hva-tilbyr-vi/innhold-og-tjenester/ this page] (Geodata AS) you can read more and create an account.
==  GIS ambassador  ==
Geodata AS has assigned one student as their GIS ambassador at UiB, to help students with software installation, technical support, and other questions concerned the use of GIS. [http://geodata.no/om-geodata/karriere/ambassador-program/ Here] you can find the contact info for the current ambassador.
==  Software installation  ==
NB! ArcGIS Desktop is the software that's being used in all GIS/cartography courses on UiB.
Client drifted Computers can get a standard package installed by contacting the IT department ([https://bs.uib.no/ https://bs.uib.no] / tel. (555) 84700). This package requires that the machine is connected to the UiB network, either wired or vpn. If ArcGIS should to be used without being online, the software must be manually installed.
For manual installation software can be downloaded from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program (requires among other that one has administrator privileges on the computer. Note that there are separate downloads for students and staff. Employee version requires a standard license (lasts until the end of the year) while the student version requires a unique license code per installation (lasts for one year from activation). Licensefile (for employee) can be downloaded from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program (ArcGis_Ansatt). Student can get Licensecode by contacting the IT department ([https://bs.uib.no/ https://bs.uib.no] / tel. (555) 84700). Software can be downloaded from https://tjinfo.uib.no/program (ArcGis_Student)
== Spatial Analyst Tool (student-installation) ==
To activate the Spatial Analyst Tool in the program you follow this [http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisdesktop/10.0/help/index.html#//00r90000001w000000 guide]. If necessary walk through the Desktop Administrator registration sequence one more time and mark what you need.
[[Category:Site licence software]]
[[Category:Site licence software]]

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