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Do you need an alternative for Acrobat?

The IT-department offers a range of free software that might have the functions you need.

Read PDF-documents?

If you are only going to read PDF-documents, you can use Acrobat Reader. This program is installed on all client machines.

Produce PDF-documents?

The program PDF Creator can produce PDF copies of your document. This program is installed on all client machines.

Instructions on creating a PDF-document out of a Word-document can be found here:

It also works in a similar fashion from other programs.

Split up or merge PDF-files?

The free version of the program PDF Split and Merge Basic can amongst other things be used to split and merge PDF-documents.

You can read more about the program here:

NB! You shall NOT download the program from this site, but install it from our Software Center (

Editable copy of the PDF-document?

If you need to make an editable copy of the PDF-document, you can use the OCR service that UIB offers.

Read more about it here: