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Unix Home directory

All users have their personal Unix home directory for storing files on a network server. The server names are taken from stations on the Bergen Railway Line.

To locate which server your home directory is on, log in to Issue-tracker and find the "station name" below your name in the upper left corner of the window.


You have to know the "station name" if you want to connect to your home directory over a VPN connection. When ou log on to a managed UiB Windows or Linux PC, you ill automatically be conected to this home directory.

Windows Home directory

Please note that most employees also have a home directory on a Windows server. In these cases the Windows server home directory is the primary home directory, while the Unix home directory is used as an archive. Traditionally the path to your Windows Home Directory is based on what Institute you are working for. In the example under the home directory is \\eir.uib.no\home5\username If you have an Windows Home directory it will be located next to the Unix Home directory on Issue-tracker


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