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Information about the Webhotel can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions about the "Webhotel" services

My group has no writing privileges on the file I uploaded with SFTP

This is due to the fact that only the owner has immediate writing access to his own files. Permissions for files and folders can be edited in the SFTP client software. We can see from the image below that 664 and 775 will give the group access and also writing permissions to the file.


Can I get FTP access so I can change the appearance on my blog (name.w.uib.no)?

Answer: No.

The [Blog] Service (a Wordpress multi-site framework) is a PHP/MYSQL-based system, and the web pages are updated dynamically.

If you need to change the appearance of a website/blog, you might want to have a look at the Atahualpa-theme for Your page. In this Theme, You can alter most of the layout.

You can also have a look at Blog_-_tips

Access for persons without an UiB - account

Can persons without an UiB - account be given access?

Answer: It depends.

If you mean access to a Wiki or a Blog, then the answer is yes. The account has to be created within the Wiki or the Blog, and you can read more about this in the pages Wiki_-_tips and Blog_-_tips.

When it comes to access of the Linux-servers themselves, that is, the possibility for logging on to them via SSH, than the answer is No. In most cases, this is not possible even for UiB-users. It is only the Service Folk (folk.uib.no) that allows every employee and students to log on via SSH.

Logging on to servers with SSH or Putty can only be done by people with a valid UiB-account. If an external person where to be given access to log in, he first has to have an account in [[SEBRA)). Only a Sebra approver can make such an account.

You can find a list over such Sebra approvers on the following URL (in Norwegian): https://sebra.uib.no/sebra/Register/anvisere

File Sharing

Services that offer File Sharing:

Is it possible to move contents from one Blog in Wordpress to another?

Answer: This should be possible. Use Tools - Import/export in the admin-interface. You will have to correct errors and other imperfections after an import yourself.

Information that could be useful:


Blogs created at wordpress.com will automatically include a third party's commercials. What about the blogs at .w.uib.no?

Answer: There are no commercials at .w.uib.no.

My own domain

Can I buy a domain and have this indoctrinated in my blog via domain-mapping (for instance www.foobar.com or www.foobar.no)?

Answer: No

My own .uib.no - domain

Can I get my own .uib.no - domain? for instance foobar.uib.no?

Answer: Normally no. Only in special cases after approval we can enable a .uib.no domain as a redirect to your .w.uib.no wordpress site. To get Your own .uib.no - domain You have to obtain an approval from the Division of Communication.

Access denied

I get "access denied" when I try to access certain pages and files on my site, for example http://folk.uib.no/mittbrukernavn/sti/til/fil What can I do?

Answer: You have to put the correct access rights on these files and directories. If you want everybody to be able to read your files, you can do this:

If you use Linux, you can run this command on files:

chmod 644 filename

For directories the command is:

chmod 755 directory_name

With Windows, You can use Explorer to access the URL \\folk.uib.no\myusername\path\path \. Right-click the file or directory, choose 'security' and choose 'read' privileges at 'Everyone'


Aksess to Mysql on the Hospits server

I would like to access the MySQL-server on Hostel/Kro outside UiB. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes, this is possible with us of a ssh-tunnel

You can follow the instructions given here (still in Norwegian): Putty_og_SSH_tunnel