VPN.UIB.NO on Windows 10 (private PC)

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'Attention! You must be connected to the Internet either wirelessly (Wi-Fi) or by cable for the VPN to work. '
In this manual, the PC is connected to the Internet by cable.

  1. Begin by clicking the network icon (1) in the lower right corner of the screen. Then click on "Network Settings" (2).

  2. 2017-01-23 20 43 03-Greenshot .png

  3. Then click "Add a VPN connection"

  4. 2017-01-23 20 43 27-Greenshot .png

  5. Now select "Windows (Embedded)" under VPN provider.

  6. 2017-01-23 20 44 16-Greenshot.png
    Fill in the following information in the fields:

    Connection name: UiB VPN
    Server name or address: vpn.uib.no
    VPN type: L2TP / IPsec with pre-shared key *
    Type of login information: Username (with @ uib.no) and password
    </ Pre>
     *  The key can be found  here (under shared secret).
    Then click "Save."
  7. You can now click "Connect" to start the connection.

  8. 2017-01-23 20 45 08-Greenshot .png

    To disconnect, click "Disconnect". You will need to find the VPN link by clicking on Network Settings, as shown in step 1.

    2017-01-23 20 45 46-Greenshot .png