Skype for Business on IOS

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Install Skype for Business

Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. Either via cellular or wireless network (Wi-Fi).

Open the Apple App Store and search for 'Skype for Business' . Or follow this link:

Select 'Skype for Business' and press 'Download' , then 'Install' . You may be prompted to enter your iCloud password. Then press 'Buy' (you will not be charged). Wait while the device downloads and installs the application.


Press 'Open' when it's done.


'Note:' Skype for Business may request access to your contacts. This is optional.

In the login window, type your entire  'email address' .

Then enter your regular UiB password.


Press 'OK' on the error message that appears. Now press 'Advanced Options' . In the "Username" field, type your 'UiB username' (

Now press the blue cross in the left corner.


Enter the password again (if necessary) and then tap return. If everything goes well, you will be logged in. If you get an error message, give it a minute and return to step 5. Enter your uib phone number and press the blue arrow. Setup is complete. Swipe left to scroll through the instructions, then press 'Okay' .

Microsoft's official operating manual can be read here (PDF).