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General information about procurement of computer and telephone equipment

It is important that the procurement guide is adhered to when purchasing computer and telephone equipment. The procurement guide lists computers, printers, telephones and other equipment tested and validated by the IT Department. To ensure stable operations and effective support, the IT Department relies on equipment being standardised and compliant with our systems (cf. The IT Department's service declaration). This makes it important to adhere to the procurement guide.

UiB is obliged to follow national and EU procurement regulations. A central principle is competetive tendering. One of the advantages is an overall cost reduction for UiB. All purchasing of ICT equipment should follow the IT department's procurement guide in the UiB Intranet (Norwegian only). General information about procurement at UiB is found in UiB's procurement guide (Norwegian only). No purchases may be made outside of agreements.

See also:

Procurement of mobile phones

Procurement of printers and copiers

All new printers and multifunctional documents machines should be ordered with the SafeCom PullPrint system installed.

Ink printers should not be purchased for any purpose, due to very high operating costs and little or no support for management.

The product guides (Norwegian only) list recommended models from our supliers. Please note that no support is offered for models not listed in the guides.

Procurement of large IT solutions

The University Director's office has issued regulations to be applied when planning new projects and major changes to existing systems. Read more (Norwegian only).

Questions about procurement?

If you have got any questions about procurement of computer and telephone equiment, please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700.